A plea to Hindu-Muslims

The below picture if applied to India’s situation, India will be called Dar-ul-harab. Majority are not United and minority has preferential treatment.


If this continues, one day it will turn into a Dar-ul-islam. Which I feel even Indian Muslims don’t want. Imagine being given 100 lashes for not praying or not memorising the Quran or paying a Jiziya tax for living like a secular / atheist.

It’s incorrect to ask Patriotic Muslims to prove their love for country but it also doesn’t mean they should blind themselves to people committing grave horrors in their religion’s name and hiding behind Liberal apologists who pull out Hindu cases to deflect attention.
If the Hindu cases were so strong, we all wouldn’t be living peacefully! Yes there are idiots in Hindus who do moral policing or commit crimes but do they commit with a vengeance or purpose to convert Muslims? Everyday a Hindu is told how bad his identity is by the media, secularists etc to cover-up the fallout on Islamic terror.

Mere condemning the ‪#‎parisattacks‬ and saying this isn’t Islam won’t help anymore. They should in all ways support and take part in this war on terror and not make generalisations or comparisons. There are no comparables in this modern world of 21st century to the mayhem islamists have caused.

What I would want my fellow Indian (Hindu) Muslims to do:
1. Weed out mischief elements in their ghettos / localities and handover to police. Counsel them on education and employment.
2. Don’t fall prey to radical thoughts of Uneducated Mullahs or Imams or politicians who instigate youth with imaginary suffering stories.
3. Reform the book. It’s 1400 years and there are no tribes killing each other like savages fighting over petty water disputes or camels. Times changed and human intelligence, compassion improved.
4. Support a uniform civil code in India showing parity in treatment and opportunity to my children and yours.
5. The Jew / Christian / Hindu / Atheist are not your enemy. Its poverty, illiteracy and regressive mindset.

Just wrote the above with a hope for a betterment. I believe in my Hindu-Muslims. They share my blood, dna and Compassion.
Let’s work for peace.


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