A plea to Hindu-Muslims

The below picture if applied to India’s situation, India will be called Dar-ul-harab. Majority are not United and minority has preferential treatment.


If this continues, one day it will turn into a Dar-ul-islam. Which I feel even Indian Muslims don’t want. Imagine being given 100 lashes for not praying or not memorising the Quran or paying a Jiziya tax for living like a secular / atheist.

It’s incorrect to ask Patriotic Muslims to prove their love for country but it also doesn’t mean they should blind themselves to people committing grave horrors in their religion’s name and hiding behind Liberal apologists who pull out Hindu cases to deflect attention.
If the Hindu cases were so strong, we all wouldn’t be living peacefully! Yes there are idiots in Hindus who do moral policing or commit crimes but do they commit with a vengeance or purpose to convert Muslims? Everyday a Hindu is told how bad his identity is by the media, secularists etc to cover-up the fallout on Islamic terror.

Mere condemning the ‪#‎parisattacks‬ and saying this isn’t Islam won’t help anymore. They should in all ways support and take part in this war on terror and not make generalisations or comparisons. There are no comparables in this modern world of 21st century to the mayhem islamists have caused.

What I would want my fellow Indian (Hindu) Muslims to do:
1. Weed out mischief elements in their ghettos / localities and handover to police. Counsel them on education and employment.
2. Don’t fall prey to radical thoughts of Uneducated Mullahs or Imams or politicians who instigate youth with imaginary suffering stories.
3. Reform the book. It’s 1400 years and there are no tribes killing each other like savages fighting over petty water disputes or camels. Times changed and human intelligence, compassion improved.
4. Support a uniform civil code in India showing parity in treatment and opportunity to my children and yours.
5. The Jew / Christian / Hindu / Atheist are not your enemy. Its poverty, illiteracy and regressive mindset.

Just wrote the above with a hope for a betterment. I believe in my Hindu-Muslims. They share my blood, dna and Compassion.
Let’s work for peace.


Uppers and Lowers. Where are the Indians (i.e. Hindus)?

A ‘Socialist’ government should treat its people as equal on all fronts and provides an environment for self-improvement with equal opportunities.
India is a country having diverse population belonging to many communities based on their work, trade, knowledge, language and religious practices. The typical Indian (Hindu) Society is a balanced model which ensured well-being of every human. But time changes things. People’s perceptions and practices turn rigid and a select few exercise control over the rest. 
One can’t ignore the caste based discrimination that rotted the general well-being of our Hindu society for centuries. Imagine people made to feel bad about their existence as lower or make some feel happy and powerful as upper castes.

Did Hindu religion cause this? Common perception leads to think yes but I don’t think so.

Did people with power hungry snobbery cause this? Definitely yes!


Even after 67 years, we as a politically independent country who solemnly swore to implement the constitution tooth and nail have failed to bridge the gap for several communities of SCs and STs who were and are still underprivileged. Post political independence we have succumbed to the influence of the power hungry religious and caste based vote bank politics. New segments like backward castes and OBCs are created and more communities everyday want these privileges.

Having enjoyed the opportunities (reservations) in education, employment, low cost housing etc would the communities or the people who utilized them, who are now fairly well to do and can self sustain, give up reservations unconditionally? 


The cry for more privileges, more reservations, more representation doesn’t seem to fade. There are many who benefited from the State sponsored charity which was funded by the hard earned money from the people of this country (which also includes ‘Upper Castes’) for decades. The reservations in education and employment changed their lives. The better few, for political and other gains, made sure their own community people remained underprivileged. They encourage block voting by their communities deciding who to elect and which candidate will further their personal cause of privileges in turn making them their slaves. During elections they unleash their thugs bringing disrepute to the country and their community. Sometimes they mislead their people to take up things into their hands and turn them into savages. Yet the people in these large communities don’t take necessary steps to keep a check to this. Instead they take pride as somebody is representing their collective identity. Happy if succeeded, unmoved if failed. The big agitations by Jats, Gujjars, Marathas, OBC in Muslims etc resulted in the governments weakened at their knees and bending to please this large vote banks. 

Every new demand / reservation is linked to the  medieval times tyrannical ‘Caste system’ followed by the Uppers (read mostly Brahmins) and the treatment meted out by them towards other castes. The narrative that “Even in current Constitutional conditions the ‘Uppers’ usurp everything and leave the underprivileged in poor conditions” is a mirror for the entire 1.25 billion to stop, check and ponder where we are headed with this kind of thinking. Baba Ambedkar who was a victim of the caste system and untouchability followed by Uppers during his times gave a beautiful vision of empowering all communities equally. He was reluctant to allow any sort of favoritism. But the clout of crooks and power hungry politicians recognizes no worthy man. They have ensured Ambedkar succumbs to their demands and promised an overall upliftment within two decades? The situation today is far from Baba’s vision. Like the Religious Guru in the movie Oh My God, these people now use Baba Ambedkar to their political mileage and leave his pristine ideals and thoughts just for personal gain. Worse, they have ‘Copyright’ed him.


The Uppers Case:

Communist Liberal Imperial funded Indian Media loathes the Upper castes since they follow this pagan, old fashioned, barbaric Hinduism which has given birth to Jati-Varna system and the division of communities. They lose no opportunity to trash and loathe at people who claim proudly to be Hindu. They fueled the thoughts of the masses that Hinduism is a deliberate tool by the ‘Uppers’ to enslave the ‘Lowers’ ensuring a systematic degradation of this unique human identity. This coupled with the left inspired spineless education and toothless history taught to the last two generations has ensured that the people of this country have no common thread and we are a divided bunch of uncouth and uncivilized idiots who lose our tempers at the slightest mention of criticism to our practices.


Is accepting the constitution as the spirit of this nation and accepting the diktats of political leaders claiming upliftment of weaker sections as a bigger cause the biggest mistake committed by the Uppers? 

The Uppers representation for policy making and lending a voice to air their economical conditions are fading. They will soon be relegated to the dungeons of poverty, abandon their ancient & scientific Vedic knowledge and politically become insignificant while the rest of the world will say ‘They deserved it!’.


Every community needs a Hindu Purohit (Upper) to conduct a wedding, name ceremony, invoke the blessings of Gods and even a death ritual. But when the so called ‘Uppers’ seek a voice to air their pitiful conditions the media, the vote bank politicians and the #AdarshLiberals quash it with their might to ensure the voice never gets heard in their cacophony. 


A society needs all communities to work hand in hand and ensure the well being of its people. We have never learnt from the mistakes committed through the last few centuries. We could not come together as One India and fight for a common cause, common good and common well being of everyone living in this country. Imbalance then and Imbalance now.


Though the Caste based Reservation is a deterrent to the progress of a nation, it should only be given to the communities who have been historically denied the right for social inclusion like SC and STs and within a set period of time through active monitoring from citizens drive their inclusion and close the reservations chapter. Backward castes which where created for political mileages should be abolished immediately. Its a sorry state of affairs when large communities like Gujjars, Marathas and Patels get on the streets and demand in a way that defeats the Indian cause. Government isn’t a charity! I’m paying for the country’s well-being forgoing any kind of privilege to myself or my family to live.

All communities require common education and a voice for their representation to initiate a sustainable change in their lives and trades. Every community was and can be self sustained in this nation. Our Hindu way is an amalgamation of Socio-Political-Economic structures embedded into one spirit. Ours is a spiritual way designed to answer the deepest questions of every human engaged to make this life better through looking inside first and also has the flexibility to change with the times yet provide a simple, peaceful and content-full life. 

I Hope the Hindu society wakes up at least now and revisit where its headed. The future generations will scorn at us. Lets give them a better environment where humanities count and not religions or castes. For a real social change, providing reservation based on financial status of a person irrespective of any caste or religion and affordable education is the need of the hour. Support entrepreneurship through inducing financial support for research and development ,in science, into trades and give the communities’ true identity a worldwide platform. The state can only facilitate. It’s our duty to protect our culture, ethos and plurality and not get divided based on castes and religions.

‘Naasti Lobha Samo Vyaadhih
Naasti Krodha Samo Ripuh:
Naasti Daaridryavat Dukham
Naasti Jnaana Samo Sukham’


There is no disease like greed,
No enemy like anger,
No sorrow greater than poverty,
No happiness equal to wisdom.

Patels should ponder what their community can provide to the rest of the country and not what the country can provide them. Every community should feel the same and conduct big mega rallies seeking a collective identity called Indian / Hindu / Bharateeya bringing us together like the millions of cells in the human body. 

My thoughts..