What Ganesh Chaturthi Teaches.. A Sunday Musing

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is a training and practice for Hindus (all living beings on this Hindustan / Bharat i.e. India) to treat fellow Human beings with reverence and devotion that one would do unto a relative or a friend or an elder.

It’s a simple case of అతిథి దేవోభవ (Atithi DevoBhava). You invite him to your home, ask him to take bath, provide him fresh clothes, invite him for a meal, give him water to drink and panchamrut as desert, ask him to retire and rest for a while. When he decides to leave you fill his bag with goodies and wishes for a safe journey and wholeheartedly ask him to come back soon.

The festival teaches us to Accept any Human irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, nature, physical ailments or deformities as a living Life and provide them succor and sustenance in this journey called life.

Ganesh is a physical handicap with unimaginable deformities, maybe dark in colour, raised in the forests, rugged from relentless battles to stay alive and protect Dharma.


If one can show such affection towards a cripple like Ganesh, how can we not show the same caring towards our economically challenged and socially backward Hindus?

Oh Hindu, where’s your Dharma? What has become of it?


Ganesh Chaturthi festival has nothing to do with religion but should be religiously practiced to inculcate and advance human interaction and brotherhood.


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