Europe’s mistakes. Refugee Crisis. America, Beware!

The tragic case of Syrian refugees risking their lives migrating into Europe is a perfect example of “As you sow, So you reap” for.. Europe!

Europe obliterated these nations’ culture, traditions, knowledge and language through their invasions, plots, proselytism. And when these didn’t work meddled with their internal politics causing and ensuring unrest among people and governments.

Several movements were manufactured and culled to serve Europe’s interests. European languages were taught and the indigenous languages were made to look inferior. They were made to call themselves savages and barbarians. Anything and everything non European is inferior much like the case of what happened to Bharat (I.e. India) under the British rule.
Europe decided what’s good for Asian nations. They gave them the Cambridge, Oxford and showed a Utopian liberal world foreign to the lands. They wanted to get them civilized in their way. Are people idiots to not know what’s best for their country and lives?

The current situation is the result of these actions coupled with a bigotry of a religion that crumbled Syria and the surrounding countries. A government which bombs on its own people because their supreme feels they are a threat to his position. Decades of civil war caused death while the shameless superpowers conducted back channel dealings to satisfy their never ending thirst for oil.

Somewhere a new demon ISIS gets created which defines bigotry to a new dimension sending chills across the globe. They are loose and infiltrating into every nation ready to destroy what’s left for a crooked idea of life under the garb of religion.

The little kids drowned and washed ashore should be a testament of Europe’s wrongs. This time Europe should try feeling some shame and make corrections. Any inhuman treatment meted out to the refugees should attract worldwide sanctions and restrictions on Europe.

Europe’s days are numbered with dooming economies, dwindling populations and increased ghettos of migrants and refugees. They should start planning for more.

As a Repentance, Europe should try to restore what was destroyed in the Asian nations. Make quick moves to cull the monster ISIS through an international coalition and ensure sane people get to decide what to do with their lands.

World has changed and the short-lived role of Europe is coming to an end. America Beware!



One thought on “Europe’s mistakes. Refugee Crisis. America, Beware!

  1. Laxmi

    European countries have always lead this “king julien” kind of rule everywhere( impose rules on foreign land whether they like it or not)…it’s just not Asia, South America, Latin American countries etc… They had killed the idea of being proud of ” what they own”instead created the need for “what they don’t need”… What have they actually created is mass confusion of culture and religion where the brand new restless generation don’t fit in anywhere.. . The restless generation don’t know where to go seek ISIS Like organisations to get their ego satisfied. . So in turn Europe created monsters over the period.

    Like the saying goes if you feed a snake someday it might bite you… That’s the same way Europe is getting bitten . No amount of stretching arms for the refugees is going to help.

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