Godman and Media Mafia; God-Man and Slave Media

India’s imperial-slave Left Liberal media mafia (ISLLMM) use this derogatory yet spicy word to criticise, lament and even spin stories around influential Majority people’s Gurus for their and sponsored agendas. Google throws up several results from the last decade pointing out to many patterns in which the media have used the term with the “Sleight of Hand” that they accuse Hindu Gurus of cheating and looting innocent people. Their accusations lie on the premise that these highly influential people with their Five star bhakts often own several acres of land, posh ashrams, get away with guiding their devotees with Pani Poori remedies and in doing so cheat common people of the faith put on them. This allegation is ironical since these are the same traits shown by the same ISLLMM when it comes to propagating political agendas and accuse the opposing views of thinking people as against their beliefs, hence against the Idea of India.

Hindu as a concept has been largely misinterpreted, misinformed and deliberately hung to a religious belief while it has nothing to do with religion. Hindu is a geographical term identified for every life born and brought up in this motherland, Bharat Varsh. Even the Supreme Court of India has noted in many cases like this Link in which “A Hindu has the right to choose his own method of worship. He may or may not visit a temple… “Idol worship, rituals and ceremonials may not be practiced by a person although he may profess Hindu religion. The state cannot interfere with people’s freedom to profess, practice and propagate religion. The state cannot have a religion. It cannot promote or destroy any religion. That’s how secularism is defined in legal terms, though perceptions may differ”. Left influenced ideologues have a characteristic of questioning everything that they see not fit in the limitations of the Communist-Socialist frame. Questioning is every individual’s right. But the convenience in ignoring the vast cultural and traditional ways of living practiced in India over several thousands of years is a matter of hatred to this motherland. Hindus have a very different perspective to life unlike the West. The West is majorly influenced by the Abrahamic religious beliefs.

Hindus purpose after taking birth is to gain enough knowledge and experience to their souls so that it keeps growing one level up each time it enters a human life. The civilisations that thrived have introduced a time tested form of knowledge transfer through the Guru – Sishya tradition where the Guru and Sishya choose each other through inexplicable ways like Chance meeting of Avadhutas, Preordained connects (like Paramahansa Yogananda), claims of Divine intervention and telepathy, Messengers (like Sai baba, Jesus Christ and Sufi Saints), Bhakti propagators like (Srila Pradhupada Swamyji) or Rational Thinking Gurus (like Jaggi Vasudev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) who guide their followers and pupils into a certain way of practice so that the intended purpose (of soul) of life is met. Every person in this land has a moral and spiritual inclination to spirituality and humanity which forms the essence of a peaceful society. Sadhus, Babas, Gurus and the wandering ones used to visit kingdom after kingdom and were part of this country’s society since time immemorial. They have in a way contributed to the general well-being of the people through their discourses, guidance and satsangs which provided the much necessary succour and peace in their everyday life. In their consultations these God Men reached out to all sections of the society and even the Rulers of the land used to invite them into their conclaves for discourses.

Instead of tapping into the already existing philosophical systems we have enslaved ourselves to the British’s misunderstanding of our systems and ridicule them with ignorance. ISLLMM considers people in India as uneducated, uncouth and sorry pests who are in dire need of west-influenced education and systems to live and stay happy. Their premise is that people cannot make a choice all by themselves and have to depend on them to be informed, educated and relevant in the current society driven by means of competitive commercial interests. The ISLLMM time and again keep chest beating and proclaiming that they are the conscience keepers of this vast populace. At every opportunity they preach Secularism (in the Indian context) whenever a crook even if he has a saffron cloth on his body does a stupid act of moral policing. They call upon a debate claiming representation from all “quarters” of the society and like a scripted “Cow Composition” blames the now ruling party BJP or its mentor RSS for their ideology rooted in Hindutva. They paint the God Men in bad light playing the videos of saffron clad sadhus involved in “questionable” sleaze videos 24 x 7 on their channels and holding debates as to everything’s wrong with Hindus, God Men and Gods themselves. This influences the everyday Hindu who is already unfed on the merits of his culture and brings them to the level of criticizing their faith and the systems of practices which come under the Hindu fold.

ISLLMM hide behind the free speech when questioned on the veracity of their claims on these Godmen. They conduct endless debates on how the present government is supressing the fourth pillar of democracy’s voices, an argument again crowed by some Secular political parties, with members ironically as devotees of some of these “controversial” Godmen. These politicians don’t open about their connections or confess to attending these Godmen because of their political compulsions. When the so called Idiots-in-Chief get cornered by the respective ashrams and some Hindu folk on their channel they exhibit their one-sided agendas with minimal coverage or cut off their voices from the argument. The devotees of these controversial Godmen are spread across the globe and are in millions. It’s a gigantic mistake to judge the trust of these millions as blind faith and denigrate their source of inspiration. But the ISLLMM actually hate the common man for his blind faith in these Godmen because he’s uneducated, uncouth and mindlessly keeps donating his time, money and belief on fraudster Babas. They question the state for the behaviour of these Babas when the ruling party is BJP.

Few examples that immediately come to my mind are listed below:

“Swami Nithyananda was caught pants down; Swami Nithyananda’s worries are from over as he was rejected as Mahamandaleshwar by other Akhadas; Controversial God man Nithyananda embroiled in amassing wealth” ridiculed the media. Till date though the cases are pending in the courts, several Op-Eds of the Liberal folk have judged him a fraud and rapist. TV Channels force fed this into Hindu minds and people every Swamy or Baba with a FRAUD stamp on his head.

Asaram Bapu, Self-styled God man, raped a minor and is languishing in jails for the most heinous crime screamed the TV channels. Till date, all cases are pending in the courts and are not proven. Instead there is a careful elimination of witnesses just before a hearing is due which is a matter of suspect on both parties of the case. But the media have judged or have nudged the witnesses to agree on their channels that Asaram Bapu was behind these ghastly murders. Adarsh Liberals and Adarsh Sanghis on twitter battle it out every day and keep gaining more followers based on their acidic tweets which often get into cussing and name calling.

The recent controversy cooking over Radhe Maa’s ways of doing her satsangs, her embracing of modern attire and affluent devotees’ should also be seen in a different perspective. It calls for a reality check on media’s role as an Information provider or Information peddler. The police registered a case of dowry harassment while the media discusses her miniskirts and affluent ways of living. Is there a sponsored agenda leading to character assassination of these self-styled Godwoman?

(God-Man is never used by the media because the “minority Protestant Christianity’s” belief is that it refers to Jesus Christ. )

Many Hindu Godmen have questioned the insatiable thirst of the Church and Radical Islam to convert people and turn enemies within their families. Is this the reason that Hindu Godmen are hounded and their characters maligned? The Church and the nexus of the large scale Foundation Corporations which are running conversion factories since the 19th century are disturbing my country’s secular and spiritual fabric selling imaginary stories of Good word, Jesus Christ and discredit his teachings through their Evangelism achieved through an army of Christian Godmen like Padres, Good word preachers and Hallelujah campaigners. They conduct forceful and deceitful conversions of indigenous tribal communities. The left influenced system holds in contempt the Hindu Jati-Varna system and disconnects the tribals from their entrepreneurial past making them slaves of their system and pawns at the hands of evangelists. Hindu systems of life are not just Jati-Varna; there are many. India’s way of life kept changing for a better societal order. When times change, civilisations adopt new systems as per changing attitudes and needs of the people.

I have no intention to find fault in anyone’s beliefs. But as a rational thinker, I question the Christian Godman who performs miracles like making a cripple walk, women dancing like freaks, curing health ailments – in the name of Jesus, God, Good word and Religion of Love. IS this possible? Several sexual molestation cases on minors and nuns which were forcefully buried by the church are now seeing the light of the day. But the ISLLMM doesn’t apply the same yardsticks in reporting, coverage and name calling when it comes to a “Minority” offender. Why? Like the alleged Controversial Hindu Godmen they too mislead the uneducated, uncouth and sorry pests of India. Or is it that the molesting ‘padres’ wear Shirts and Pants while these Fraud aka Hindu Godmen wear loins?

These are my thoughts ‘only’.

Some “intellectuals” might tweet reading this post “Does this @AnaMinti belong to some Sanatana Samstha? Will @NarendraModi clarify?”

Meanwhile ISLLMM still keeps poisoning Indians with their vicious “Hindu Godmen are Bad boys” agenda and the common man takes pride in saying “Ignorance is Bliss”.

It’s not bliss, its wasting gifted Human intellect to not see the obvious or have a different perspective.




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